Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conserving your memories, one stitch at a time!

Do you have special clothing, blankies, hankies, odds and ends memorabilia that belonged to a loved one tucked away? A wedding dress, your child’s baby items, concert tees, graduation gown, sports jerseys, etc.? Dig ‘em out! Let’s make a quilt or bear that can be held onto and cherished forever!


  1. Oh Sherri...What TREASURES those are....I LOVE the arm of the bear!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Penny! That's Gavyn and Trentyn my other 2 grandsons...I made those bears for my daughter and son in law of each of the boy's first year...=)

  3. Hi Sherri;
    Love the bears and the quilts. I also do quilts, but mostly Attic Widow quilt with embroidered themes. Your work is great.
    Have a GREAT DAY!!!
    Bob L.

  4. Beautiful quilting and blog!